How Can You Increase Engagement In Your Out-of-Home Advertising

Posted by Terraboost on 22-Jun-2014 00:00:00

Your goal as an out-of-home advertiser is to not only reach but also to engage with a large and specific audience at a cost effective price point. Out-of-home advertising (e.g. billboards, bus wraps, and other public display advertisements) provides media companies with the opportunity to reach a very large audience, a percentage of which is relevant to your product or service. However, the exposure is typically 1-2 seconds and the advertisement usually lacks any physical engagement with the advertisement.

Terraboost Media Hand-Sanitizing Billboards have an average engagement time of 9 seconds or 4x the duration of the average out-of-home media. This significantly increase is due to the fact that the billboard actually provides consumers with a benefit – hand sanitizer. Arbitron research confirms 93% positive brand perception driven by the hand sanitizer benefit. Additionally, the boards can be selected only in the zip codes or locations that are most relevant to the advertiser, which enhances the efficiency of the media format.

Due to the extended engagement with the media, Arbitron also confirms that ad recall is a stunning 63% aided and 40% unaided, approximately 10 times higher than similar out-of-home media without hand sanitizer.*

 Local Hospital Marketing


*December 2011 Arbitron 3rd party research study

**Marketing Scoop – Outdoor Advertising Advantages

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